There are 32 NFL starting quarterbacks (plus their agents) is a great idea for any sales person that wants to make a huge commission. Since NFL quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and Eli Manning chant "OMAHA" over and over as their cadence before the snap, imagine if your company name was being called out.

As an example, instead of "OMAHA", it could be "DORITOS", or "PEPSI", or "YOUR COMPANY NAME". One would have to imagine that a smart sports agent could negotiate a nice fee for that service. And it has no impact on the game, so it would have to be allowed. Not to mention the NBA is now allowing advertising on jerseys and NASCAR drivers cars have been covered in advertising decals for years.

Not looking for a commission, just putting this idea out there for anyone. All I ask is that we sit at the 50-yard line together at the game so we can hear it!

Good luck!


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