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How to Protect Your Company's Biggest Investment

What is your company’s biggest investment?

Six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a drastic impact on the workforce and how technologists view their careers. With the majority of companies having a work from home plan, what currently differentiates your company from your competition?

Pre-pandemic, this is what it probably looked like:

Unfortunately, all of those things are no longer in play. Think about this: without all those perks, what’s keeping your employees from entertaining an opportunity with your competitors for more money?

How are you going to keep your #TopTechTalent? Regardless of their employer, they’ll be working in the same office (their house). So, other than selling a different “widget” or logging onto a different Zoom link what is the difference?

You need to give your best people a reason to stay. When you work from home, all the outside aspects that may have influenced a career move have become moot points. Remember, there is no commute, no office environment, no in-office perks, etc. Every day, it’s the same coffee, the same lunch, the same four walls of your home. Really, if you change companies, you’ll just be clicking a different Zoom link everyday and seeing some different faces on your video call.

If you haven’t already thought of this, START PANICKING, because your employees already have.

For many tech employees, the passion for a particular company is low, it's more about the work. I’m sure you’ve heard people say things like, “I could work anywhere.” And so, if they’re working from their home anyway, and someone calls with an exciting opportunity, what’s to keep them from taking that call and ultimately the new job?

Smart executives see opportunities within the chaos. 

You need to have an aggressive plan to keep your talent. Moreover, this is also a great opportunity to hire #TopTechTalent and poach from your direct competitors. How are you going to entice new talent to come to your company?

  • A more targeted approach to your marketing strategy and engagement on social media 

  • Have a definitive plan for remote work for the near future (don’t make it mandatory to be onsite before your competitors) 

  • Offer incentives for employee referrals (if you already have one, increase it)

  • Partner with a top technology staffing firm to identify and poach the best from your direct competition

While this will cost money, the reality is that you are already saving a lot just by working remotely. Here are some ways you can reallocate money to add some #TopTechTalent to your team. 

Understanding that not everyone’s businesses are doing as well as others, there might be more wiggle room than you realize. Other than the list at the top of what differentiates your workplace here are some other ways you are saving money: 

If you want to get the best people, show them that you’re willing to invest in them. It will benefit both you and your current employees. Plus, even if the savings don’t outweigh the costs, being a company willing to hire right now will make you look great and naturally draw all the best people to you. 

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