Are You Missing the Easiest Sales Question?…I Bet You Are!

Ask yourself, what makes your company different?

In sales, many people miss the importance of this question. In reality, this is the best question that could be asked! Why should I work with you? What makes you different?

I have managed and interacted with hundreds of sales reps over the years ranging from entry level to experienced, and when initially asked, over half of them respond with confidence “Me! I am the difference!”

More often than not, it is a true statement. Clients meet with sales reps every day and have the luxury to pick and choose who they work with. The issue here is that on that first meeting, new clients have no idea who you are and what you represent. Even if you are correct, the “sell” is proving it and not saying it.

How should you actually answer this question?

It all starts with preparation. This question is begging you to say what your company has to offer as its core competencies. Do your research, both on your company and your client, and answer the question with that. Cater your response, and make it about what your company has done, is doing, and will do. At the end of the meeting, the question “why should I work with you?” will answer itself…your client will now be convinced that you are the difference.

The real sell is getting them to that conclusion without actually saying it. The payoff is the client realizing they like you, they want to work with you, AND they respect your business. That is the differentiator between a good salesperson and a great salesperson.

The biggest missed opportunity by not answering this question correctly… a referral.


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