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Right now a lot of really great companies are still hiring and hiring aggressively. The smartest companies realize that layoffs mean a chance to scoop up the best of the best talent who find themselves unexpectedly on the market. If you’re leaving a company with a great reputation and skills, other companies will jump at the chance to get you on their team. 

But maybe you’re feeling nervous because of the market, you’re not alone. If you’re concerned that you might be the victim of a “last in, first out” mentality but you’re craving a change, don’t let the talk about the market scare you. 

We have a great solution – we have long-term partnerships here at Syfter with companies that are still hiring aggressively and building out teams. And if you’re still hesitating, let us give you an extra layer of comfort – 

If you take a new job with us and then experience a reduction in workforce or budget-related layoff in your first six months, *we will provide you a cash buffer of ONE MONTH of your salary. That gives you an extra four weeks of runway to find a new job – and that’s a worst-case scenario. And you’ll have a team of the best, most dedicated recruiters working alongside you to polish your resume, advocate for you, and ensure you get the best opportunity.


Complete our registration form to make sure you are included in the program. There’s no obligation, and we will not contact you unless you request it.

Smart companies will jump at the opportunity to hire amazing talent unexpectedly on the market.  Our nearly 5 stars on Google and Glassdoor plus our 7 (seven!) Best Place to Work Awards are a direct result of our fantastic team members – and they’re ready to help you win, whatever it takes.

*See below for full Terms.

The Syfter Placement Guarantee

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Summary of Terms.

This information comprises a summary of terms, and not the terms in full. After reviewing your situation and finding that you are suitable, we will provide you with a letter of agreement that provides full details.

This offer may not be offered to every candidate that The Syfter Group, LLC places with an employer. This offer is only applicable to full time employment situations and cannot be transferred to another employment situation, whether or not facilitated by us.

Please note: this offer does not guarantee employment or an offer of employment. For qualified candidates that we place in a full time position, we will provide a payment equal to one month of payroll. Only candidates who are terminated due to layoff or restructuring situations within six months of employment apply. Termination for any other reason is not covered by this offer.

Your particular circumstances, the job market at the time of employment and other criteria may affect our commitment.

We reserve the right to cancel or modify this offer at any time, and to refuse this offer to any candidate. However if we do so, any agreements currently in force will be honored.

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